The Velocity Program

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Velocity Program

Next Generation Velocity Program came about because of the quest to reduce injuries in baseball players' shoulders and elbows. We believed as the shoulder becomes healthier and stronger through our proprietary protocols, velocities started rising. We have seen a minimum gain of 4mph in our students and as much as 17mph in an 8 week program. The program and results have been tested and monitored by the USC medical school, and is scheduled to be published in medical journals. This is by far the safest way to increase velocity because the program is all about making the shoulder healthier. The greatest thing about the program is it is FUN; thus the players enjoy doing it and it doesn't seem like work. Each player will be tested, after the test a personalized program will be written to achieve the maximum results. The player will be retested at the beginning of week 5 to see if the program needs to be adjusted to continue to see the proper results. After completion of the 8 weeks program, a final test will be taken to see the gains achieved. A maintenance portion will be available after the completion of the Velocity program. This maintenance portion will enable the player to maintain a healthy shoulder and can be started at any time during their season. The cost is $455.00.

Velocity Program

The program is a season-long program. We have an in-season portion with the purpose of this phase is to keep the shoulder strong and healthy with a small slow increase in velocity, we also have the off-season portion which is where strength and velocity is gained while maintaining health in the shoulder.

Please indicate in the return e-mail, where you are currently in the season and anything else such as rehab any prior conditions, etc.

When you switch phases from in to off season or vice-versa please let me know so that I can adjust the program accordingly.

I am excited you have chosen this program and our results have been incredible thus far. I are here to help anyway that we can, so please stay in touch and if you have questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Velocity Program

Velocity Gain 5 mph- now at 90 mph

I want to take the time to thank you for working with me. The Velocity Program is by far the best and most intense throwing program I have ever come across. I really think this will be icing on the cake and get me to the level where I need to be. The results are fast and most of all the progress works. The arm strengthening that takes place and velocity creation is truly unbelievable. Everyone needs this program, its arm care; arm strength and arm speed all in one and is something everyone who is looking to play at the next level should do.

T. McGurn, Age 24, "Independent" Player
Velocity Gain 6 mph

As a player who has early season shoulder tightness in the past the velocity program has eliminated this problem. My shoulder and general condition is the best it has ever been. It is hard to find a better off season, in season maintenance program. Coach Newton and Players Dugout is the place to go. A Game Changing Program

S. Shackleford, Age 22, Florence Freedom Independent League

On the Velocity Program: "the Velocity Program" has given me the confidence to challenge every batter and team I face no matter how good they are. It has given me a piece of mind in regards to the health of my shoulder which allows me to focus on the mental aspect, the most important aspect, of pitching. I'm able to go deeper in games, my secondary pitches have improved, and it has taken me to a new level of competition."

J. Nash, Age 21, A Pitcher at Centre College
Velocity Gain 9 mph

This is my 3rd year out of college baseball and my arm hasn't felt better since completing the program. From a coaching perspective our kids have shown improvement in arm strength and have gained more confidence on the mound as a result of the Velocity Program. Works!! Confidence Builder.

D. Mattingly, Age 25, Pleasure Ridge Park High School Pitching Coach
Velocity Gain 11 or 12 mph

It has meant so much to me. There's no way I would be where I am today without this program. The Velocity Program has increased my chances of playing Division one baseball, and that would be my dream. A Career Changing Program.

J. Wilson, Age 17, Meade County High School
Velocity Gain 5.3 mph

My shoulder feels stronger than ever and my fastball went from 71 mph to 79 mph. Three weeks later I hit 80 mph off the mound and my throws from 3rd base are a whole lot stronger. It is an awesome program. Healthy Shoulder and Faster Speed.

E. Barker, Age 14, East Hardin Middle School
Velocity Gain 6 mph

It has been a lot of hard work and I can tell a difference on the mound and being able to get the ball across the field better. I'm stronger and healthier.

J. Bowles, Age 14, Bullitt East High School

5 of our top 6 pitchers this season participated in the velocity program before the season. It has not only increased their velocity but it allowed their arms to be in great throwing condition prior to the start of games. Our pitchers could throw more pitches in a game earlier in the season than ever before. Our pitching staff has been the foundation for our success this season. They have been very reliable. Our defense and hitting have been inconsistent at times while our pitching has been the mainstay. The program has allowed our pitching staff to be built for a strong run in the post season. The recovery program has also allowed our pitchers to experience less soreness and faster recovery. They all play a position every day in our line-up so the durability of their arm has been a must. They all feel like their arm is stronger than ever. It has also played a major role in helping them play their defensive position more effectively. Our catcher has a quicker time to second, our shortstop has become a legitimate college shortstop, and our third baseman has been able to play 3rd the day after he pitches without much soreness or weakness. All this is a direct result of velocity.

C. Price, LaRue County High School, Math Department, Head Baseball Coach
Velocity Gain 10 mph

Velocity help me to realize that with proper training and 100% dedication to the workouts, a athlete can improve their arm and shoulder strength. The results have been amazing. After nine weeks to see the radar gun jump 10 mph put a big smile on my face. But more importantly my coaches, family and friends comment on how hard I now throw the ball. The best part, my shoulder feels great and my confidence level is off the charts. Hard work definitely pays off.

K. McGuffin, Age 15, Central Hardin High School